jQuery plugin to create animations on mouse click

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This jQuery plugin allows you to produce animations at the mouse click. animateClick comes with 5 animations to enhance your button clicks or clicks on any element in your webpage. The plugin allows you to define the color and size of the animations as well.


  • Specify which animation you want to show when a specified element is clicked.
  • Specify the color for your animation [Default color is black].
  • Specify the size of the animation [Default value is 10 and the ideal size is between 5 to 15].



The default animation creates a circular growing object to acknowledge your click. This is the animation created if you don't specify an animation.


The tick animation draws a tick at the point where you clicked.


The cross animation flashes a cross sign at the point where you clicked.


The signal animation creates a ripple effect from the clicked area to the distance specified by user in size parameter. The effect resembles a signal notification.


The shoot animation shoots four bars to the four sides of the screen from the point where you click.

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